Why Take a Multivitamin?


Most Canadians would agree that it can be a challenge to eat a well-balanced diet every single day. Our bodies need a variety of healthy foods for basic nutrition, but it’s not always easy to keep track of our food choices.  Are you eating one dark green and one orange vegetable every day? A reliable multivitamin can help fill nutritional gaps, delivering key nutrients for your daily health and convenience. The New Chapter Difference New Chapter® brings a traditional fermentation process to all of our multivitamins, delivering vitamins and minerals that are cultured with organic yeast and live probiotics (no live probiotics remain in these products). In addition, our multivitamins include targeted medicinal herbs for the maintenance of good health. Many of the herbs are also fermented, just like the vitamins and minerals. 

NewChapter Mens 40 Multivitamin

As busy adults, convenience and dependability may be just as important as being comfortable with how your multivitamin is made. New Chapter’s easy-to-take One Daily Multi’s let you create a supplementation routine that’s simple and reliable. With the convenience of just one tablet daily, it’s easy for men and women to support their nutritional needs all year long. For Every Stage of Life at New Chapter, we know nutrient needs for men and women can be different. The same can be said for people under 40 versus over 40 years of age. Every Man’s One Daily and Every Woman’s One Daily from New Chapter are  multivitamins formulated for men and women under 40. If you’re over 40, discover our one daily Multi’s formulated specifically for you—Every Woman’s One Daily 40+ and   Every Man’s One Daily 40+