Janel Ascher

Certified Biofeedback Practitioner

Janel Ascher - biofeedbackJanel Ascher is a Certified Biofeedback Practitioner and has been studying and practicing alternative medicine for the last 20 years.  In 1997, when her son Scott was only a year old, she was told by the Children’s Hospital to prepare  for the worst.  Refusing to accept this prognosis, she quickly turned to a Naturopathic Doctor for help and through early Biofeedback technology this doctor saved her son’s life.  This miraculous discovery set the foundation for her purpose and life passion and she has been studying and practicing natural medicine ever since.  As a Holistic Health Professional and Biofeedback Practitioner, Janel focuses her  practice on chronic health issues, digestive health and stress reduction, with an emphasis on improving the lives of middle aged men and women. Biofeedback has been scientifically proven to reduce health stressors related to illness, injury and emotional trauma.  The result is improved well-being, greater mental clarity, pain reduction, and improved physical performance.  Janel utilizes the most comprehensive and advanced Biofeedback technology at her practice, providing virtually instant information through a relaxing and non invasive process and allowing her to address YOUR unique health stressors in a  sophisticated and finely tuned manner. Effective immediately, Janel will be practicing on Thursdays at Vitamins First Signal Hill on Thursday, and she can be reached via jascher@shaw.ca or 403.850.9535.

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