Vitamins First is happy to offer several professional brand supplements to the Calgary area.  If you are looking for a specific professional vitamin or supplement, please contact us at 403-242-1777

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Innate Response – Fresh, whole fruits and vegetables are complexed with essential nutrients and then carefully dried to ensure each FoodState Nutrient™ is delivered in a form that is as close to food as possible. As a result of the unique process, FoodState Nutrients are readily available to the body and in a form that the body naturally recognizes as food.


CanPrev Premium Natural Health Products

CanPrev – Canadian based Canprev is focused on making the best possible products that informed patients and real practitioners can use. It demands a real understanding of the underlying root causes. It requires learning the actions and mechanisms of every ingredient before it goes into a capsule. It insists on high standards of purity and potency for each and every ingredient sourced.   Each ingredient and certificate of analysis is reviewed to ensure they meet CanPrev’s exact specifications for identity, purity and potency.



Mediherb – MediHerb has a passion to provide the optimum treatment solutions by combining the time-honoured wisdom of traditional knowledge with sound clinical experience and the rigor of scientific research. This quest can only be attained by the total commitment to quality and continuous improvement, which permeates every aspect of Mediherbs endeavors.


Pascoe Professional supplements

PASCOE – PASCOE has been manufacturing quality homeopathic and phytotherapeutic products for over a century. PASCOE is dedicated to the advancement of Natural Medicine and to the production of clinically proven therapeutics. A large number of the PASCOE products have extensive observation or clinical studies done to validate their efficacy and safety. Both patients and practitioners can be confident that each product will work and work consistently.


Bioclinic professional supplements

Bioclinic Naturals – At Bioclinic Naturals we are dedicated to providing evidence-based natural health products and exceptional educational tools for health care professionals and their patients. Our unremitting commitment to quality—from raw materials through clinical testing—means that our products are pure, potent and effective, to earn and deserve the trust of clinicians and their patients.


Designs for Health professional supplements

Designs for health– With its roots in education, Designs for Health remains committed to providing the latest scientific nutrition research via innovative seminars and conferences. To this day, nutritionally-minded clinicians with ongoing clinical experiences shape the direction of the company.


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For over 30 years, Thorne Research has been dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of people worldwide by providing innovative, high-quality, research-based nutritional supplements, and the latest in medical education.



Douglas Labs was founded in 1955 on the promise to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements available. With clinical trial designed to validate the efficacy of their products, they continue to lead the way.


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Genestra supports condition-specific and individualized treatment plans with a comprehensive product offering.