Certain nutritional supplements are not classified as either vitamins or minerals.

However this does not mean that they are not important for our bodies. Some of the most critical nutrients fall into this category, such as Co-enzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, amino acids, ‘greens’, glucosamine sulphate, MSM, enzymes, and many more.

Our Suppliers …

AOR is a Calgary based company providing unique innovative nutritional supplements to the natural health industry. Visit www.aor.ca.

Amazon Thunder Acai produces and sells only 100% organic certified Amazonian fruit products, which are sustainably harvested and produced by Amazon Rainforest communities.   All products are 100% organic and have gone through the utmost in quality regulation and control. See more at www.amazonthunder.com

Awaken Your Body offers a line of nutritional supplements that was developed by Brad King. Brad King has a masters in nutritional science and has spent the last few years researching and developing leading-edge dietary supplements and exercise protocols designed to improve health, slow biological aging, boost athletic performance and aid in fat loss. Visit his website to find out more! Newsletter subscription available! Visit www.awakenyourbody.com.

CR 2000 offers a comprehensive line of collagen based products for anyone suffering from joint or connective tissue problems. Check out www.cr2000collagen.com to learn more about the benefits of oral use of collagen.

Dr. Whitaker MD has been providing natural healing alternatives to others for over 25 years. In Canada, his nutritional supplements are available at health food stores including Vitamins First. Check out his website www.drwhitaker.com for more information on his products. Newsletter subscription available!

Enerex Botanicals is a Canadian based company founded in 1997. Their commitment to quality and scientific research has made Enerex Botanicals what it is today. Visit www.enerex.ca

Enzymatic Therapy is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality, unique formulations of vitamin-mineral and nutritional supplements. Visit www.enzy.com

Enzymedica, they are the experts. All they manufacture are the highest quality, highest potency enzyme products available.  For more on digestive and therapeutic enzymes  and to take an enzyme deficiency test, please visit   www.enzymedica.com

Flora is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of nutritional supplements, including ‘Udo’s Ultimate Oil Blend’ and the ‘Floradix Salus Tonics’ from Germany. Visit www.florahealth.com

Garden of Life has come to be recognized as a leader in the natural health industry offering whole food nutritional supplements. The company strives to provide individuals with tools that enhance health and healing, ultimately altering the way people eat and view nutrition. Visit www.gardenoflife.com

Genesis Today has a unique approach to supplementation.  They are interested in using the whole plant to create liquid nutrition; some examples of this are Goji100, Mangosteen100 and combination formulas like 4 Total Calcium.  Look up www.genesistoday.com for some great health tips.

Genuine Health is the canadian manufacturer and founder of Greens+, Proteins +, and other nutritional supplements. Visit www.greenspluscanada.com

Heel is the developer of many safe and effective homeopathy formulas used to gently activate the body’s self-healing powers.  Visit www.heel.ca

Himalayan Crystal Salt is 100% pure himilayan crystal salt. To learn more on the benefits of using himilayan salt for health conditions visit www.heartfeltliving.com

Hyland’s Homeopathy has been a staple in this industry for decades. They manufacture a wide range of combination homeopathic remedies ranging from children’s formulas for teething, to leg cramps, and insomnia. Visit www.hylands.ca

Vitamins First carries Innovite‘s unique CoQ-10, as they use the CoQ-Gel technology for enhanced absorption of the CoQ-10. Visit www.inno-vite.com

Lily of the Desert has been known throughout the years as the highest quality aloe vera product in the industry.  Visit www.lilyofthedesert.com

Moducare contains a blend of plant sterols recognized for their healing properties for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Visit www.moducare.com

Mum’s Original makes healthy delicious hemp based products with a “back to basics” approach – sensible food, conscientious farming and wholesome goodness. Mum’s Original’s uses only natural and organic ingredients that are combined to make yummy and nutrient rich foods.  They are even more enjoyable now that they are using 100% guilt free eco-packaging.  Visit www.mumsoriginal.ca for recipes and more!

Natural Factors is a Canadian based company that manufactures a wide array of nutritional supplements to natural health food stores. Visit www.naturalfactors.com

New Roots Herbals was founded in 1985. Since then they have developed a large range of nutritional formulations that rejuvenate both body and mind. Visit www.newrootsherbal.com

Naturally Nova Scotia Naturally Nova Scotia is a true herbal company in every respect. It follows a policy of vertical integration, including growing and harvesting plants, new product formulation, manufacturing and packaging, and finished product distribution. To achieve its position as a leading producer and innovator in the herbal industry, Naturally Nova Scotia has invested heavily in research.  To learn more please visit www.naturallynovascotia.com

North American Herb and Spice, developers of P73 oregano oil, introduced a wide range of oregano based products onto the market.  Check them out at www.organol.com to learn more about their innovative products.

NutriStart™ was founded in August of 1997 to provide people with balanced nutrition for their busy lifestyles. Everything  at NutriStart is based on the latest nutritional research and information.  Carriers of innovative formula’s like Natural Flow with patented LOM, read more at  www.nutristart.com

PureAyre, made from plant derived enzymes; it is the first and only food grade odor eliminator.  Clean Earth Inc. the creators of PureAyre are committed to products that work and keep people, pets and the planet safe.  Visit www.pureayre.com for more information on uses, safety and efficacy.

Nutraceutical formulations must produce powerful results that you can feel! Purica formulations are designed to help individuals recover capability and vibrance typically enjoyed only during youth. Learn more about Recovery and Immune 7X here www.purica.com

Renew Life is a company 100% dedicated to your digestive health. They recognize that without addressing digestion optimum health cannot be achieved. Visit www.renewlife.ca

Salba is a whole food rich in essential fatty acids and fibre.  For recipe ideas and nutritional information visit www.sourcesalba.com

The Santevia™ Water System revolutionizes tap water, creating pure, fresh tasting water. Using an eight stage filtration and re-mineralization system, the Santevia™ Water System cleans, mineralizes and invigorates your water. Learn more at www.santevia.com

Seabuckthorn International IncThey have been engaged in the exciting exploration of seabuckthorn’s amazing nutritional and healing properties for over ten years now.  Explore the benefits of Seabuckthorn at www.seabuckthorn.com

Schuessler Tissue Salts are manufactured by Martin and Pleasance according to the time honored methods coined by Dr. W.H. Schuessler 130 years ago. The Australian owned and operated Martin and Pleasance, also distributes Spatone, a natural iron supplement. For more information visit www.martinandpleasance.com

Sequel Naturals is a leader in Maca, Chlorella, and Colostrum based products. Visit www.sequelnaturals.com

SierraSil developed a unique mineral based product from the Sierra Moutains for arthritis sufferers based on science and research. Check out this exciting pain relieving formulation at www.sierrasil.ca

SISU is a Canadian based company that manufactures a wide array of quality nutritional supplements for health food stores, including their extensive line of ESTER-C products. Visit www.sisu.com

Sweetleaf Stevia is a deliciously natural alternative to artificial sweeteners.  Safe and natural, it measures zero on the calorie, carb and glycemic index.  Using only water in its extraction process ensures no bitter aftertaste.  To learn more about this sweetener visit www.sweetleaf.com

Wilderness Family Naturals are pleased to offer two quality types of Virgin Coconut Oil. One is a pure, unrefined virgin coconut oil made by centrifugal force, and the other is a traditional virgin coconut oil made using the traditional Philippine fermentation process.   Visit www.wildernessfamilynaturals.com

Wobenzym® N is a systemic enzyme formulation that contains a blend of enzymes from both plants and animals that has been clinically studied for supporting numerous processes in the body including healthy heart and circulatory function.  www.wobenzym.ca

Vital Proteins  believes that whole food based nutrition containing collagen is essential for one’s overall health, fitness and well-being. Our ancestors utilized sustainable whole animal nutrition, which provided an abundant amount of collagen. Over the past century modern food processing has removed this natural and healthy protein from our diets. Collagen is vital for our body and is the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints.

Zenbev™ is a delicious beverage mix of organic ingredients that provides a natural source of tryptophan derived from pumpkin seeds. As a precursor to serotonin and melatonin, tryptophan enhances mood, emotion and sleep.  Find out the amazing benefits of this formulation at www.zenbev.com