Many vitamins and minerals were discovered for their role in deficiency diseases caused by their absence from the diet.

Some examples are the discovery of vitamin C to prevent scurvy, and vitamin D to prevent rickets. In our body, vitamins and minerals function primarily as coenzymes. They work as catalysts for chemical reactions occurring in our body. Vitamins and minerals take on other functions as well. For example, vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties. Minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are important for bone development. Vitamins and minerals are stored in the body for varying periods of time. Some are used immediately, and others will be stored for use later on.

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Dr. Whitaker MD has been providing natural healing alternatives to others for over 25 years. In Canada, his nutritional supplements are available at health food stores including Vitamins First. Check out his website for more information on his products. Newsletter subscription available!

Enerex Botanicals is a Canadian based company founded in 1997. Their commitment to quality and scientific research has made Enerex Botanicals what it is today. Visit

Enzymatic Therapy is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality, unique formulations of vitamin-mineral and nutritional supplements. Visit

Flora is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of nutritional supplements, including ‘Udo’s Ultimate Oil Blend’ and the ‘Floradix Salus Tonics’ from Germany. Visit

Health Solute ions blends a unique ionic form of trace minerals sourced from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, US into their formulations. Best known for ConcenTrace® a liquid mineral supplement that supports energy and vitality in the body, Health Solute ions products are distributed in Canada by Monnol Import Export Inc. To find out more visit

Innate Response Formulas are manufactured and bottled by BioSan Laboratories using solely whole foods and botanicals.  Since 1972 they have been developing techniques that maximize the bioavailability of whole food supplements. Visit

LifeTime® is actively involved in the trends that affect consumers. As the nutraceutical industry continues to advance, LifeTime® strives to enhance their competitive edge by refining the products they offer to the marketplace. Visit

The MegaFood™ philosophy has always been to provide nutrients as found in Food. MegaFood™ embraces Food as the foundation of human physiology. They were the first company to offer the benefits of FoodState® nutrition in 1982. Visit their website at

Natural Factors is a Canadian based company that manufactures a wide array of nutritional supplements to natural health food stores. Visit

New Chapter provides vitamin and mineral formulations using whole food nutrients and a unique “Dual-Stage Fermentation” process. In addition, their herbal formulations are extracted using both CO2 and alcohol resulting in potent, therapeutic herbal formulations. Visit

New Roots Herbals was founded in 1985. Since then they have developed a large range of nutritional formulations that rejuvenate both body and mind. Visit

Progressive Nutritional Therapies offers a variety of nutritional supplements designed to meet unique nutritional demands. This line is manufactured out of Canada and has been formulated by Dr. Mikhael Adams BSc, ND. Visit for more information.

SISU is a Canadian based company that manufactures a wide array of quality nutritional supplements for health food stores, including their extensive line of ESTER-C products. Visit

SpaTone is simply iron-rich water straight from the source. A gentle and easy to absorb, clinically proven, natural iron supplement sourced from the Trefriw Wells Spa in Snowdonia National Park, Wales, UK. Visit to find out more.

Trophic Canada’s goal has always been to provide Canadians with the highest quality supplements at an affordable cost for everyone.