It is well known that the use of supplements can maintain and enhance the overall health of athletes, and also improve performance.

In fact, it is wise for athletes to take supplements as they have an increased demand for particular nutrients due to their increased activity level. Whether you are a body builder, endurance athlete, weekend warrior, or somewhere in between, we have the products you need to perform at your best.

Our Suppliers …

Awaken Your Body offers a line of nutritional supplements that was developed by Brad King. Brad King has a masters in nutritional science and has spent the last few years researching and developing leading-edge dietary supplements and exercise protocols designed to improve health, slow biological aging, boost athletic performance and aid in fat loss. Visit his website to find out more! Visit Newsletter subscription available!

Genuine Health is the canadian manufacturer and founder of Greens+, Proteins +, and other nutritional supplements. Visit

Interactive Nutrition is an exceptional company for those individuals committed to their health and fitness goals. They carry an extensive line of quality sports nutrition products. Visit

Living Harvest is a leader in live organic Hemp based supplements and food products. Visit

We trust Mum’s Original for our organic hemp products due to their quality and efficacy. Check out what all the hemp hype is about at

Precision Sport Supplements provides both protein blends and high performance supplements that support the nutritional needs of athletes and individuals with active lifestyles. Their supplements incorporate the latest in scientific advances, while utilizing high quality raw materials at affordable prices. Visit

QSE Sports Supplements is a company providing high quality sports enhancing products such as glutamine and creatine. Visit for a listing of their products.

Vega is a meal replacement formula developed by Brendan Brazier, a vegan, Ironman triathlete, and best-selling author on performance nutrition. Vega is made exclusively from natural plant-based whole foods, which contains a synergistic collection of plant-based superfoods including hemp and chlorella. Check out for more information.