The Need for a Comprehensive Vitamin C Supplement

Vitamin C is one of the most popular and widely consumed nutritional supplements, and rightfully so. Humans, unlike most other mammals, are unable to produce their own Vitamin C, so it must be obtained entirely from dietary sources. Even with the best of intentions and a careful eye on the foods we consume, it is challenging to supply ourselves with adequate amounts of this important nutrient. Ideally, an optimum amount that nourishes our bodies and fully protects our health should be the goal. The quality of the Vitamin C we consume is also of tremendous importance.

Progressive® Vitamin C Complex

Progressive® Vitamin C Complex provides isolated sources of Vitamin C for increased potency as well as whole food sources for their natural balance and bioavailability. Plus, the specialized blend of botanical nutrients such as papaya and black pepper extract helps maximize the health-promoting properties of the entire formula.

Two pure vegetable capsules provide 1,200 mg of bio-available Vitamin C. This comprehensive formula has been designed to be consumed on an ongoing, daily basis and can be taken by every adult member of your family*.  Progressive® Vitamin C Complex is completely free of artificial flavours, colours, gelatin and preservatives of any kind.


• Provides powerful antioxidant protection
• Supports immune function
• Promotes healthy bones, joints, teeth and gums

• Helps with the healing of wounds


• Bilberry, Quercetin, & Aloe
• Resveratrol & Grape Seed
• Mineral Ascorbates
• Ascorbyl Palmitate
• Fruit Extracts

* Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please refer to the product label for a complete list of cautions and warnings.