The Secret to Summer Energy

The Secret to Summer Energy – Add a little protein to keep your energy up


Long summer days are fun, but they can be exhausting.  Don’t miss a moment – keep your energy levels up by adding a little protein to your diet.


The Trick to Summer Eating

In the summer, we increase our physical activity, and demand more of our muscles making it important consume lots of protein. Protein is an important part of a healthy diet. Protein plays many critical roles in our bodies: helps with enzyme, antibody and hormone production; maintains blood sugar levels; and is a fuel source.


Too Hot to Eat

As the barometer goes up, our appetite can go down. So, how can you ensure you get enough nutrients and energy in, to help you keep up?  Protein is a slow-burning energy that keeps you filled-up and, helps you go all day.


PAN whey Isolate VanillaBest Protein Source

Whey protein is arguably the highest quality protein source available – it offers all of the essential amino acids making it a complete protein source, plus branch chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) needed for optimal health and performance.


Bones, Bikinis and Boo-boos

Research studies have discovered that whey protein consumption is linked to health benefits including weight management, improved bone health and the immune system. The amino acids play a role in some of these health benefits, as do biologically active compounds  (e.g. lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, glutamine) which have antioxidant and immune benefits.


Not Enough Time

Summertime fun has no designated lunch hour. You need something that is quick, easy and will give you enough energy – try whey protein isolate. It’s easy, portable and a nutritional superstar.  Plus, it tastes great in a cold smoothie that can help you cool-down in the summer heat.


Inside Scoop

The secret to finding the cleanest whey protein isolate is looking at what’s not in it. Look for a protein without artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. The cleanest and purest protein in the world, by reputation, is whey that comes from New Zealand. New Zealand cattle are raised without the use of hormones, including rBGH, and the milk supply is screened for over 250 contaminants including antibiotics, fertilizers, pesticides and PCBs.


Precision All Natural™ Whey Isolate Protein is made with nothing but the cleanest ingredients (New Zealand Whey). It contains no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Precision All Natural Whey Isolate Protein is lactose reduced, gluten and antibiotic free. Precision All Natural Whey Isolate Protein is available in three delectable ways: Unflavoured, Vanilla Delight and Double Chocolate Chunk.