I haven’t been so excited about a supplement since I learned about astaxanthin, a few years ago. K2 is what I’m excited about. It is a little known nutrient with so many benefits one could write a book! Which is what Dr. Kate Rheaume-Blue has done. “The Calcium Paradox, How a little known vitamin could save your life”.

I ran into Dr. Kate a few years ago at lecture she gave on bone health. I had a few questions for her afterwards and at one point she said ‘I should write a book on K2”. I recall thinking,’ K2 tells calcium where to go, is there whole book in that?? ‘ Well guess what, there is! Kate has not only written a very informative book, but I found it to be a very engaging read, really enjoyable, unlike most of the work stuff I yawn my way through. Here are some the Vitamin K2 Benefits:

• I learned why K2 is largely missing from our diets (modern agriculture and misinformed dietary advise)
• I learned which foods are the best bets for increasing our intake of K2. Some of which are, Natto, the fermented soybean dish favored by some Japanese is number one (I understand it is an acquired taste!) followed by fermented hard cheeses like Gouda and soft ones like Brie. Eggs, from chickens that were allowed on pasture, and butter from cows allowed on pasture.
• I learned that there is a profound difference between K1 and K2. That there are several forms of K2 and that K2 in the form of MK7 is the one that may be the best to supplement with.
• I learned that K2, and Vitamins A and D are essential to each other. That as long as Vitamin A and D are both present, toxicity is not an issue.
• I learned that Vitamin D is needed to pull calcium into the body and Vitamin K keeps it from running amok by telling it where to go. While Vitamin A can help trigger the release of excess calcium that K2 has liberated from the arteries!
• I learned that Vitamin K2 can be of benefit to health concerns such as aging, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, diabetes, dental health, kidney disease, fertility, pregnancy, varicose veins and even wrinkles!
• I learned that one study on Vitamin K2 and heart health showed that K2 can reduce arterial calcium content by as much as 50% in as little as six weeks! You can reverse heart disease!
In fact, I learned so much about K2 it made my head spin!

I now make sure to take K2 as part of my supplement regime and urge every member of my family, and all my loved ones to consider adding it to theirs. I also highly recommend Dr. Rheaume-Blue’s book! Several people who read it on my recommendation, agreed with me on how well written and interesting it is! Thanks Kate, for putting it out there! I also highly recommend Dr. Lee Know’s blog, ‘Know Guff” he is a big fan of K2 as well and frequently features great information on K2, as well as other health stuff ?.
To close, as Dr. Know would say, ‘Go, take your Vitamin K, now. Go!