Mother Nature’s Impact - Vitamin D and Depression

Mother Nature’s Impact by Christina Forsyth

In the spirit of earth day this April 22nd, let’s talk about Mother Nature. The weather is a powerful, uncontrollable reality of ours. It causes fluctuations in our moods and can even affect our physical health. The cold temperatures can prevent us from getting outside and a lack of sunshine can cause seasonal affective disorder. Clearly Mother Nature has incredible influence over us. So, when Mother Nature isn’t working in our best interest we can do some things naturally to help us through the snow and rain. And you’ll be happy to know that we have options!

There are a number of supplements we can mention, but let’s start with the basic, Vitamin D, which is often referred to as “sunshine in a bottle”. During the winter months, many of us are vitamin D deficient. Light books can also help when we are deprived of sunshine as they provide a natural source of light in a controlled environment. Let’s not forget about movement … we all know the benefits of exercise. A brisk walk outdoors or a spin in the gym injects energy into our bodies. But aside from supplements, powders and boot camps, time with family and friends can be a cure all. Connecting with friends with whom you can share, laugh and confide in is a great way to fend off any -22 degree C or grey, rainy day.