Veeva herbal stress relievers

Get a whole new perspective on stress – Veeva Stress Relievers

Studies conducted at McGill University by world-famous researchers, showed that it’s not stress that affects our health; rather it’s how we respond to stress. However, this is a vicious circle that’s hard to break. Poor stress responses weaken our ability to manage stress, and proper stress management is the very thing that helps us deal with stress to begin with.  Finding good stress relievers are always a path to a healthy life.

We should always aim to reduce stressors in our lives. However, many of these stressors are here to stay. That’s just a fact of life. So why wait until you feel overwhelmed to deal with stress? If how we respond to stressors is what matters most, then moderating the stress response is key. Thankfully, nature has provided for this. Here are a few examples:

Lemon Balm helps increase GABA availability in the brain, which regulates emotional behavior. Ashwagandha helps our bodies handle stress with lower amounts of cortisol, which allows our adrenals to return to normal faster. Rhodiola helps balance neurotransmitter activity in the brain, which is key to so many functions, including how we deal with stress. Theanine and 5-HTP help balance mood. Choline and Inositol nourish the brain to keep it in its best shape. And the list goes on and on.

Veeva stress relievers provides a blend of 11 herbs, nutrients and spices to help decompress, uplift, cope with stress, balance mood, nourish the brain, and protect the brain, to ensure an appropriate response to stressors.

Reduce your stress with Veeva, which:

• Helps manage mental and physical stress
• Calms the mind
• Eases tension
• Balances mood