Ubiquinol vs. Ubiquinol

innovite health INNO-Q-NOLNot all Ubiquinol products are created equally!

Lee Know, ND, author of LIFE: The Epic Story of Our Mitochondria and publisher of KnowGuff.com

Since 2007, when ubiquinol (highly effective form of CoQ10) was commercially launched, study after study has shown that it has incredible therapeutic effects, far exceeding those obtained with ubiquinone (the standard form of CoQ10).

However, ubiquinol as a molecule is not new. Indeed, being the predominant circulating form of CoQ10, scientists have known about it for decades. However, in supplements, it was impossible to use since ubiquinol is very unstable. It oxidizes immediately when exposed to oxygen, and this oxidation converts it to regular CoQ10 (ubiquinone), which studies suggest may not deliver the therapeutic potential ubiquinol does.

The quality of a finished product is critically dependent on how the materials are handled, formulated, and manufactured. This is also the reason why Innovite Health, the first to launch ubiquinol in Canada, has taken a three-pronged approach to ensure people are offered the most stable ubiquinol product possible.

How is this degree of stability achieved? It all starts with a patented process that ensures the ubiquinol in a finished product stays as ubiquinol right through to the expiry date. Then comes the choice of the carrier oil, MCT oil—an oil known for its stability. Lastly, there are naturally-occurring antioxidants embedded into the gelatin softgel capsule—to neutralize oxygen as it tries to enter.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have discount brands that don’t license patents, use oils known to have stability problems (oxidation/rancidity), and use softgel colourants that serve only an aesthetic function.

In the case of ubiquinol, you really do get what you pay for, and Innovite Health is committed to bringing you the highest quality possible!