Support your immunity this winter

AOR0 Immune SupportSupport your immunity this winter

The body’s primary defense against disease and illness is dependent upon the integrity of the immune system. This complicated system is comprised of several different types of white blood cells that are responsible for the detection and elimination of invading pathogens and foreign cells such as viruses and bacteria.

Immune Support is a potent immune system support formula containing well researched ingredients in clinically effective dosages. It is designed to help improve immune system activity, promote the proliferation of immune system cells, help prevent the occurrence of bacterial and viral infections, and is excellent for anyone looking to improve their health and boost their defenses against colds, flus and other types of infections.

Immune support is comprised of carefully selected natural ingredients that are designed to encourage the optimal functioning of the immune system and are backed by extensive scientific research. The active ingredients in Immune Support include Holy Basil, Andrographis paniculata extract, Emblica officinalis extract, and ImmuNutrinTM which is a combination of mushrooms, rice bran, olive leaf and yam extracts. Each of these ingredients in this highly bioavailable formula is able to modulate the immune system and to assist the body in fighting illness, infection and symptoms of disease.