Support Your Liver This Holiday Season

We look forward to the Christmas season all year long as a time of gathering with family and friends to brighten the darkest time of the year. However the rich foods, sugar, salt and alcohol that are also a part of the holiday season can take a toll on the body, particularly the liver.  Practicing moderation is not always easy!  Consider supplementing with a liver formula to assist and protect your precious liver.


New Roots Liver formula contains eight premium-quality ingredients well-known for their beneficial properties on the liver. Milk thistle, oriental radish, beet, dandelion, artichoke, curcumin, DL alpha lipoic acid and schizandra have shown positive effects in treating nearly every known form of liver disease due to their ability to inhibit the factors responsible for liver damage. These nutrients have tonic properties which also aiding the spleen, pancreas, and kidneys.


Liver helps dissolve kidney and gallbladder stones, stimulates the liver cell reproduction, and is good for hepatitis, jaundice, anaemia, acne, and skin conditions. A proper functioning liver will result in beautiful, young-looking skin, free from blemishes and age spots as it has a large impact on the health of your skin and clearer vision, as the health of the eyes is dependent on the health of the liver.


Other nutrients in Liver act as potent antioxidants, inhibiting lipid peroxidation in liver cells. They also contain water-soluble peptides rich in methionine; this sulfur-containing amino acid has strong antioxidant properties that detoxify the liver, aiding it in the process of rejuvenation. Liver has been formulated as a complete support liver function, that way your liver can continue its job: helping eliminate depression, headaches, and unhealthy skin due to excessive toxins.


Stay ahead of the game this holiday season by giving your liver all the help it needs to stay healthy and keep you healthy!