Summer is Here

As summer is now upon us, many are eager to take it outside for the brief time we are blessed with warm weather. Along with being outdoors, are those wonderful activities like baseball, bike riding, hiking and such. These can bring the possibility of bruises, bug bites, allergies and sunburn. Are there natural, non-toxic means to enjoy our activities? You bet!

Starting with the sun, an essential nutrient, but only in moderation. Protect your skin with a chemical free, mineral sun block when the sun is intense (on the water or in the mountains). It’s also possible to protect your skin and eyes from excessive sun using a supplement like Astaxanthin, which acts like an internal sunscreen. It is also protective of muscles and joints for the athletic types.

For the inevitable insect life brought about by the warm weather, there are essential oil formulations to ward off the bugs. Taking a homeopathic product like Mozi Q may also help some people. There are also soothing creams for bug bites, but even a drop of peppermint oil on a bite can bring relief!

Allergies are an issue for some folks. Quercetin is a valuable aid for allergies by -acting as a natural anti-histamine, as well as being anti-inflammatory. Side effects include being the ability to reduce fat tissue growth and is cardio and cancer protective as well. Bonus!

There you have it, some easy natural ways to guard your health and your fun this summer. Enjoy!