Reduce your Stress: Veeva Stress Formula

veeva stress reducing formulaReduce your stress.


When it comes to stress, your body needs to be prepared. Veeva Stress Formula helps handle stress before it begins to do its dirty work. By providing all-natural support to the brain, Veeva Stress Formula helps reduce the stress response while adding nourishment and balance to the central nervous system. What’s that mean for you? All those things that normally cause stress suddenly seem like no big deal.

 What’s in Veeva Stress Formula?

Cyracos® Lemon balm

Helps decompress by reducing anxiety-like reactivity under stressful situations. It increases the availability of GABA in the brain and is proven to reduce stress symptoms by 72%.



Helps uplift so you can focus on the happy aspects of your life. Enables the body to mount a stress response with lower amounts of cortisol.

Proven to reduce anxiety.



Works fast, and helps cope with stress you are dealing with today. Has been shown to promote mental performance and endurance during times of stress.


Theanine & 5-HTP

Theanine promotes mood balance and relaxation by increasing alpha-brain waves; an electrical brain activity commonly present when one is in a relaxed state.


Choline & Inositol

Brain foods to ensure proper brain and stress response function.


Bioperine® Black Pepper

Increases absorption for maximum effect.


Allspice, cinnamon, cloves

These are exceptionally strong at preventing brain cell damage from stress, anxiety or mood swings.


 Trust Veeva to relieve stress-related symptoms such as:

  •         Agitation, tension, irritability, headaches
  •        Fatigue and overall lack of energy
  •        Emotional Instability and obsessive behaviour
  •        Poor digestion and nutrient absorption
  •        Sleeping difficulties and restlessness
  •        Lack of focus and inability to sustain attention
  •       Reduced libido
  •        Weight gain or weight loss


With only 2 capsules per day, Veeva Stress Formula will reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep in 15 days or less. Guaranteed.

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