The Spirit of Spring shows itself in the brilliant flowers now bursting into bloom. Alongside the blossoms of springtime and the grasses and trees vibrantly renewing everyone’s vitality comes the mighty return of our green world. Together we are uplifted, fresh and flourishing. No wonder the birds are singing!

Change is in the air at Vitamins First. We would love to congratulate and extend our deepest support to David & Christa McNiff (TCMD, RAc), who are opening the doors to their new clinic on May 1st. The address of their new space is 3011- 23 Ave SW (their phone number remains unchanged 403-831-8832). Thank you David and Christa, for having been a part of the Vitamins First Holistic Clinic! We’ve loved and learned so much from you both.

We also would like to give a warm welcome to two new practitioners, Cindy Walker and Charmaine Marsh, who have just become a part of the Vitamins First Holistic Clinic. In our clinic article on page 2, these two lovely ladies highlight the many ways they help to create wellness for their clients. Also, next time you are in the store, feel free to pick up our new clinic brochure.

While we are introducing people, we are also delighted to introduce Audra and Mandi, two fresh new smiling faces that have joined our team. When we see flowers we are often struck by their sheer beauty. The eye is often first drawn to the glorious colours presented, or we are enticed by their heavenly perfumes, sometimes it is the complex designs of their petals that fill us with the wonder of nature.  In full bloom a flower is a wonderful reflection of something magnificent because we too wish to feel as lovely as a flourishing flower.

Fortunately for us we are able to cultivate our beauty from within. On page 2, we feature an excellent product whose name is Beauty from Within.
Read about how this wonderful product can help improve the look, structure and function of your skin, hair and nails. Vibrancy and a fresh new glow for spring! Another article we feel is important is regardring bone health. Located on page 4, it reminds us that not only are women affected by bone loss, but many men are as well. Lifestyle choices, such as food and exercise, and supportive nutrient supplementation all work to help us keep our bones healthy and strong.

Be sure to join us at one of our Grounded in Knowledge Seminars this May or June (see pg 4). We will take a break from our seminar offerings in July and August and will recommence them in the fall. We wish you all a healthy fresh and vibrant season!