Rhodiola - to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mood

They say there’s nothing new under the sun. And that’s true. Sort of.

Rhodiola has been steadily building its reputation as the “Ginseng of the 21st Century”, and with good reason: It is an extremely potent adaptogen, but with fewer limitations.

Rhodiola has long been used to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mood and feelings of well-being (We’ll let you fill in the blanks there), forestall fatigue and build stamina, improve mental focus, and to enhance overall physical energy and athletic performance. You know, to name a few.

So what makes Rhoziva so different? Consistent Potency.

  • Rhoziva uses exclusively the Rhodiola Rosea B1 strain, which
  • Is 100% Alberta grown, organically, of course (Certification expected by year’s end)
  • Has tens of millions of dollars worth of research and development behind it (Working with the Alberta Research Council, the University of Alberta, and the Department of Agriculture)
  • Is the result of the combined efforts of more than 75 scientists and other experts
  • Only the roots are used, and they are aged 5 years before harvesting
  • This ensures that key actives are present in significant, functional concentrations
  • Nanton Nutraceuticals also utilizes a comprehensive 9 step quality assurance program (Think of it as supplemental OCD. Only good for you.

So, how does all of ^^ this ^^ translate into the real world?

Quite simply, Rhoziva works. Quickly.

Anyone is welcome to have a six day supply sent to them for free. You will also receive a $6 off coupon. To take the Rhoziva challenge, : http://www.rhoziva.com/