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CleanseMore is an all-natural colon support formula for relief of occasional constipation.  It stimulates the colon’s normal functions to enhance elimination without the use of harsh laxatives.

CleanseMore enhances elimination through two different mechanisms.  The first mechanism is hydration of the colon.  CleanseMore uses Magnesium Hydroxide to bring water into the colon, hydrating the area and allowing for stools that are not hard and dry, making them easier to pass.

The second mechanism is peristalsis.  Peristalsis is the smooth muscle contraction of the colon.  Herbs such as cape aloe gel, rhubarb root, and triphala work to stimulate peristalsis.

CleanseMore does not use harsh laxatives such as cascara sagrada or senna which can irritate and weaken the colon, and become habit forming with long term use.


When nothing else seems to work, Ultimate Flora DOES!  Ultimate Flora probiotics are available in a range of active cultures, contain multiple strains and utilize a specialized delivery system to ensure safe transport to your intestines.

Probiotics, the bacteria that grow naturally in the intestinal tract, aid in the nourishment and defense not only of the digestive tract but of the whole body.  Renew Life’s comprehensive line of probiotic supplements continues to be Canada’s leading choice for optimal digestive and immune support.  Each of our formulas combines clinically proven probiotic strains for maximum effectiveness. 

Digestive Enzyme:

Most Canadians suffer from some sort of digestive complaint such as upset stomach, bloating, gas or heartburn.  Taking digestive enzymes with your meals can provide fast and safe relief for a range of digestive disorders.  Renew Life digestive enzyme formulas use plant-derived enzymes for maximum effectiveness over a broader pH range in the body.  Each formula contains powerful enzymes chosen for their ability to break down a wide variety of foods; including protein, carbohydrates, fats, sugars and diary. Whether you have issues with certain foods or trouble digesting all foods, Renew Life has a digestive enzyme formula that is perfect for you!