PURICA medicinal mushroom therapy

PURICA – Simply Beyond

Purica’s Medicinal Mushroom Therapy has many amazing functions including potent immune power, peace of mind, restful sleep, youthful energy and improved memory.

If you are feeling sick, tired, forgetful or stressed, Immune 7 and Purica’s other medicinal mushroom formulas are potent solutions that improve how your body responds to life with all its ups and downs. By helping to restore youthful and healthy cell function Purica mushroom supplements often bring results far beyond expectations.

Purica mushrooms offer Serious Immune Support

They have the highest Beta-glucans and polysaccarides compared to all other mushroom products! They also contain an exquisite mushroom signature that support all aspects of the immune system.
What makes them different?

Optimizing Nature

They are naturally hybridized strains of mushrooms with optimal naturally occurring constituents . Purica’s controlled methods of mushroom cultivation ensure that your full spectrum blend is of the utmost quality.

The end result:

Highest Polysaccharides in the Industry

  • Optimal verified polysaccharides, less than 3% starch
  • Maximized yield due to growth conditions
  • Grown to maturity at 20-45 weeks
  • Exacting temperature, light, oxygen

Entire Mushroom Used

  • Full spectrum products
  • Includes mycelium, fruit body, spores, primordial & extra cellular compounds
  • Lab grown mushrooms provide increased potency


  • Makes polysaccharides more available and absorbable
  • Particle size approximately 1-2 nanometers
  • Adds 5 to 10 times the potency!

Immunomodulators and Adaptogens

  • Medicinal Mushrooms are potent regulators of the immune system that safely and naturally balance your health and well-being.