Prepping for the coming season…..Ame Kiso


As reluctant as we may be to see our wonderful summer begin its inevitable slide into the autumn/winter season, now is the time to winterize yourself and your family.  As we get ready to head back to work or school, putting some thought into our health can keep us from coming down with the ailments of the season. Healthy eating and good hygiene can be significant in keeping everyone healthy.  So along with remembering to wash those hands to avoid picking up the latest cold or flu, try picking up a few natural health products that can help you smile your way through winter.

Vitamin D is our top pick for our long dark winters.  Vitamin D not only helps with immunity it can keep our moods sunnier– think antidote to SAD!  The staff at Vitamins First would love to chat with you about how to stay well through the coming season.  Let us tell you about the benefits of vitamin C, probiotics, immune building mushrooms and herbs like oregano and olive leaf.


Also watch for upcoming events, like September 25th _ Customer Appreciation Day!

We are also planning some wonderfully informative product demos and our version of an upgraded ‘Happy Hour’.  So keep your eyes on us!