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Pranin Organic

Organic, Whole Food Supplement Powders

Pranin Pure Nutrition 

Nutrition should come from food, not a synthetic compound. That’s why Pranin Organic products are made from entirely from organic fruits, vegetables, leaves, and herbs.  No binders, fillers, synthetic compounds, or nutrients derived from yeast. 

 Nutrition From Nature, Not A Lab


Somehow, it has become an accepted belief that we need to supplement our diets with vitamin and mineral capsules or tablets to fill in nutritional gaps we aren’t getting from our meals. The trouble is, our bodies were not designed to digest and absorb synthetic, chemically-derived nutrients. How are synthetically derived nutritional supplements better than real, actual food?

A 2002 study concluded that neither synthetic nor partially synthetic compounds could match real ones in bioavailability or effectiveness. Natural nutrient compounds have four-times more binding sites that enable molecules to be absorbed compared to synthetic compounds.

Dr. Gunter Blobel, a Nobel prize winner and molecular biologist, found that nutrient proteins possess signals that determine which cells attract and absorb them using receptors. Synthetic nutrient molecules are not delivered to your cells without these signals.

Foods contain the right combinations of micronutrients, cofactors, phytonutrients and enzymes that work together as a team in our bodies. Pranin, real food nutrition!