Are You Getting the Most from Your Multi?

Are You Getting the Most from Your Multi?

New Chapter multivitamins take a whole-food approach, delivering fermented whole-food nutrients and medicinal herbs.


Why Take a Multivitamin?

Most Canadians would agree that it can be a challenge to eat a well-balanced diet every day. Our bodies need a variety of healthy foods for basic nutrition, but it’s not always easy to keep track of our food choices. Do you make sure at least half your daily grains are whole grains? Are you eating one dark green and one orange vegetable every day? A reliable multivitamin can help fill nutritional gaps, delivering key nutrients for your daily health and convenience.


Choosing the Best Multi for You

It’s important to know what you’re putting into your body, including your daily multi. It helps to ask: “Where do the nutrients in my multi come from?”


Is your multi delivering only processed chemicals?

Many multivitamins on the market are basic blends of chemical isolates. Chemical isolates are synthesized by processing the complex profiles of foods, such as corn, into single chemicals, such as Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). The result is a completely man-made, simplified vitamin or mineral compound. Selected isolates are then combined to create a multivitamin product.


Is your multi delivering fermented whole-food nutrients?

Fermenting vitamins and minerals with whole foods is an innovative process that takes multivitamins another step. During the fermentation process, vitamins and minerals are cultured in a matrix of beneficial probiotics, fruits, and vegetables. Why ferment? Fermenting foods with “good bacteria” to enrich them is a practice that goes back thousands of years. Fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut are still consumed in many cultures today—cultures known for their vitality and longevity.


New Chapter Delivers Fermented

and Whole Multivitamins

New Chapter believes in the whole-food approach to natural health, so we deliver fermented whole-food nutrients for your benefit. The vitamins and minerals in New Chapter multivitamins are carefully cultured with probiotics and organic vegetables to create dynamic networks of nutrients. (No live probiotics are in these products.) In addition, our multis include targeted medicinal herbs for the maintenance of good health. Many of the herbs are fermented, just like the vitamins and minerals. New Chapter multivitamins are naturally gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.


Committed to Organics and Non-GMO

There’s another important factor when choosing a multivitamin: considering its wider impact on human health and the planet. New Chapter has been working toward an organic, sustainable world since we began in 1982. Many of our vitamin, mineral, and herbal products, including all of our multivitamins, are made with organic vegetables and herbs. We have also long been committed to avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) whenever possible. More than 85% of our products have already been granted verified status by the Non-GMO Project. In fact, we are the first natural health products company to achieve this extraordinary depth of verification.


One-a-Day Convenience

As busy adults, convenience and dependability may be just as important as being comfortable with how your multi is made. New Chapter’s easy-to-take One Daily multis let you create a supplementation routine that’s simple and reliable. With the convenience of just one tablet daily, it’s easy for men and women to support their nutritional needs in all seasons.


Formulated for YOU!

We know well how nutrient needs for men and women can be different. The same can be said for people under 40 versus over 40 years of age. Every Man’s One Daily and Every Woman’s One Daily from New Chapter are multivitamins formulated for men and women under 40. If you’re over 40, we’re pleased to introduce our new one-a-day multis formulated specifically for you—Every Woman’s One Daily 40+ and Every Man’s One Daily 40+.