Are Obesogens Responsible for Your Expanding Waistline?

You already know that obesity is a growing problem (no pun intended), but what you may not realize is that a group of chemical compounds called obesogens, may be at least partly responsible for our seemingly inability to win the war on fat.

Obesogens (a pairing of the words “obesity” and “estrogen”) are foreign chemical compounds that have been documented in studies to disrupt normal metabolism and in the process promote fat accumulation.

The problem is obesogens are found all around us in plastic water bottles, the protective lining inside canned foods, the plastics you store your food in, pesticides (found on fruit and vegetables), preservatives (in the form of parabens) in the cosmetics and creams you cover your skin with.

Thankfully nature is able to supply an array of powerful protectors when it comes to these obesogens. Compounds known as indoles, which occur in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and kale, are able to convert into natural chemicals—like I-3-C, sulforaphane and DIM—which have been shown to help protect against these hormone-disrupting obesogens. Since it is next to impossible to completely avoid these chemical compounds, the next best thing is to make sure your body has the cellular insurance it needs by supplementing with these cruciferous compounds. The good news is that two gender specific natural formulas (Ultimate Male Energy and Ultimate Her Energy) are available—each containing a scientifically validated level of these indoles—to help block and expel the numerous daily obesogens we’re exposed to.