A New Year

A new year … by Christina Forsyth

Here we are once again facing new year’s resolutions. Weight loss and bad habits are what we strive to minimalize. All of us can set our minds to loosing weight, to eating less sweets, and being more kind. The challenge is keeping them front of mind ALL YEAR LONG. This leaves me with a couple thoughts on successful resolutions:

1. Cleanse for cleanliness on a physical level. Feeling better physically can make a world of a difference. Cleansing the body after a season (or year) of over indulgence is a great idea. There are a number of different cleanses and ways to cleanse that help the body relax and do JUST what it needs to do.

2. Strive to be less busy on a mental level. Achieve what we need to achieve, reach our personal and work goals, while verbalizing less busyness. Just step back and listen to how many times you hear the word “busy” in a day. The answer to “how are you” or “how was your day” will become a little more descriptive which may result in a more genuine conversation with loved ones.

A less busy body and a less busy mind may just be the ticket to resolutions holding true. Here’s to less busyness!