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Kava is used throughout the world for a number of ailments.

Noted below are some of the traditional uses for Kava, including:

  • as a social tonic
  • address painful migraines and headaches
  • satisfy gastro-intestinal upsets, in general
  • prevent infection of post skin abrasion, lesion or boils
  • fight against chills, fevers and sleeping problems
  • combat stress and anxiety, paranoia, and feelings of low self-worth


Botanica Restorative Cleanse

The human body is an inherent self-cleaning organism. Without the elaborate and multi-organ system of detoxification, we would be unable to survive more than a few days. However, sometimes we do need help in improving our eliminatory functions.

Botanica Restorative Cleanse is a gentle, 2-week program. Using four unique herbal compounds, this regime is a healthy way of supporting digestion, nutrient absorption, cellular regeneration, immune function and the ongoing maintenance of a healthy weight.


Stress Rescue Chewables

L-Theanine is a natural amino acid proven in human clinical research to reduce anxiety and improve mental focus and performance. The 125 mg tablets are the smallest and the lowest-calorie chewable on the market, naturally-sweetened with a delicious cherry flavour and available in a unique, flip-top lid bottle. It is also available in high-potency, vegetarian capsules.