Perhaps the number one thing that men can do when it comes to the business of taking care of their health, is to manage stress. Stress can take a toll in affecting memory, sleep, immunity, digestive problems and belly fat, to name a few.  According to Dr. Norm Shealy unmanaged stress can be the start of a vicious cycle that can be difficult to change.

Well known tools that aid in managing stress is food that nourishes and strengthens along with adequate rest. Maybe less well known but as important is optimizing DHEA(the youth hormone) which is done through exercise and raising magnesium levels.  Almost all illness and premature ageing is associated with low magnesium. Other ways to effectively help the body deal with the pressures of daily life are probiotics which are essential for digestion, assimilation and immunity. There are many benefits to regularly topping up the body’s microflora to keep the gut healthy.

And on a herbal level, adaptogenic herbs like Holy Basil can help keep cortisol levels down and help effect calm responses to the day’s events. Last but not least is learning to relax the body and mind on a daily basis, and just chill.

The most loving thing a man can do for his loved ones is to stay healthy! Then as Steve Smith said, “I’m a man, but I changed, because I had to. Oh well.”