MegaFood Baby and Me

Gently nourishes the health of a woman and her developing baby with a full spectrum of nutrient – rich whole foods.


Baby and Me provides 25 100% whole food vitamins and minerals essential to life. 
For many women, pregnancy is the time that they become truly conscious of the foods they are putting into their body. With a new life growing within it is especially important to supplement one’s diet with a natural and pure, whole food prenatal formula. MegaFood Baby and Me is a great choice for women wanting a safe and complete whole food prenatal supplement that won’t upset even the most sensitive stomach.

Baby and Me provides 25 100% whole food vitamins and minerals essential to life. Delivered in nourishing FoodState® Concentrates made from a variety of colorful whole foods, the 100% whole food nutrients in Baby and Me are bioavailable and are easy to digest, even on an empty stomach.

Each serving provides recommended levels of Iron, Folate, Vitamin D3,C, E and C Complex, nutrients which support health of mother and growing baby. GTF Chromium and protective phenolic antioxidants help maintain already health blood sugar levels.

The Nurturing Prenatal blend includes red raspberry leaf a valuable herb for strengthening and toning the womb during pregnancy. Combined with dandelion leaf and root, this blend also helps to maintain and balance fluid levels. Additional vegetarian enzymes and organic ginger root were added to the Baby and Me formula to enhance nutrient utilization and support digestive health.