Making Your World a Calmer Place

RASP LEMON Natural CalmModern food production and the huge amount of daily stress experienced by many leave 80% or more of North Americans magnesium deficient.  This can lead to such symptoms as anxiety, abnormal heart rhythms, muscle cramps, headache, constipation, insomnia and more! Magnesium is also essential for supporting normal blood pressure, energy metabolism and even regulation of blood sugar.

Natural Calm is a #1 selling magnesium supplement.  What makes it so special is that it is fast acting ionic magnesium the body can readily absorb and utilize.  The ionic mineral is an element with a charge which allows it to bond with water and makes it easy for the body to absorb.   Magnesium ions regulate over 300 biochemical reactions in the body through their role as enzyme co-factors. They also play a vital role in the reactions that generate and use ATP, the fundamental unit of energy within the body’s cells.  Getting enough magnesium is crucial for everybody!

So if you want to sleep better, have less muscle tension, headaches and ease your way out of burnout, magnesium supplementation is the way to go.  Natural Calm is made from sea sources of magnesium and all the flavours are organic.