Lose Weight with Green Coffee Bean

Lose Weight with Green Coffee Bean

It’s a brand new year with brand new healthy goals. For those without the right plan and support, the chances of reentering the cycle of resolution making and breaking is high. But when you do have what you need, you will achieve the results you want and experience the joy of reaching and keeping your weight loss goals for 2013.

WaistAway-Green-Coffee-Bean-90-capsWhen it comes to the right supplement support for your plan, it can seem impossible to choose the best product out of so many options. So to break through the clutter and reach straight for what works, try Green Coffee Bean by Waist Away. As recommended by a popular daytime TV Doctor, Green Coffee Bean (GCB) contains the active compound Chlorogenic Acid, which he believes can help in a few powerful ways.
First, it helps to block some of the fat you eat from being absorbed. As the most calorie-rich macronutrient you eat with 9 calories per gram (in contrast with 4 calories per gram of protein and carbs), fat has the potential to be a major contributor to weight gain. Fat plays a key role in good health and should never be completely eliminated or blocked from your body. However, our high fat North American diet can get us into trouble.

Second, GCB helps to slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream. Your body prefers a nice, steady level of blood sugar at all times, so when it spikes, your body’s immediate response is to store it as fast as possible to get back into balance. Unfortunately, storage means fat. By helping to slow down the absorption and release of sugar in your body, you help to prevent fat gain.

Finally, GCB helps your body convert fat and sugar into energy. Your body fat is really just the storage of excess energy. What your body doesn’t burn, it stores. So in order to lose weight, you need to improve your ability to use up what you eat, so your body can get busy burning what you have stored.

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