How Is Krill Oil Superior to Fish Oil?

Nutri Krill OilHOW IS KRILL OIL SUPERIOR TO FISH OIL?  The phospholipid structure of the omega-3s found in krill oil makes them 5 times easier to absorb than the form found in fish.  This increases benefits to heart, brain, metabolic, immune function and more. Easier to absorb and less likely to cause a fishy aftertaste due to its ability to disperse in stomach fluids! Krill is considered a whole food extract, and because it is environmentally clean in its original form and being so low on the food chain no purification or distillation is required.

WHY IS NUTRIKRILL SUPERIOR?  Nutristart uses Superba Krill oil, manufactured by Aker Biomarine, certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, and certified by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

The only solvent that is used to make Superba Krill oil is food-grade alcohol. Whereas other krill oils use the chemical solvent acetone, which can potentially leave a residue.

NutriKrill (Superba) provides people with value for their money in the form of a much higher quality product, not only ecologically sound, but also safer, and more effective.