Ki Immune Defence

Busy fast paced lifestyle, ongoing daily stress, work pressures can all decrease our immune defense mechanisms making us more prone to ‘come down with something’.  What we need is a powerful course in Self Defense!

Ki Immune Defence is not a dietary supplement, but a medicine that works specifically on your immune system’s cells and antibodies. The herbs in Martin & Pleasance Ki have been used to help increase the number of white blood cells and enhance the activity of the body’s natural killer cells, supporting immune system health.

 Ki contains a triple complex of well researched traditional herbs, at therapeutic doses that works in the following way:

  • Astragalus – helps stimulate white blood cells and enhance antibodies to strengthen your immune system. It is a potent energy tonic and antioxidant to protect cells
  • Shiitake Mushroom – powerful immune stimulant, helps to increase and enhance the activity of white blood cells and help build your stamina
  • Olive Leaf – an antioxidant that protects cells, fights infections and is a whole body tonic


Ki Immune Defence may also help reduce the incidence, severity and duration of colds and post viral fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome and may boost energy production and be of assistance during times of general fatigue and stress, recovery from illness post-operative convalescence. The powerful antioxidant properties of the plant extracts assists the body’s general health including the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system.