Keeping Your Cool This Summer

Summer is in full swing with the promise of more sunshine and heat on the way!
We at Vitamins First would like to suggest some ways to maintain your cool when the weather gets hot.

The most important thing is staying hydrated and knowing when to seek shade. Drinking more water and limiting dehydrating liquids like too much coffee or alcoholic beverages are always a good idea.

Putting a pinch of good quality salt in your water can help you replace the electrolytes lost in perspiration. Himalayan salt is a great choice.

If you’d like to amp up the flavor and benefits, a packet of Ener C can give you not only flavor but a good dose of vitamin C and electrolytes.

One last survival technique, when the heat of summer gets too intense, just remember, winter is just around the corner!

P.S. You will be noticing some new faces here at Vitamins First.
We welcome Sonya, Danielle and Vicki.
They bring with them knowledge of holistic nutrition and a variety of expertise to help you target the best supplements for you and your family!