Happy Summer of 2017!

Whatever is on your agenda in the warmer days ahead, staying healthy will help you enjoy your summer.   Whether far away travel is planned or just the annual camping trip or visit to the Stampede, there are many ways to ensure staying hale and hearty!  Some of them include having some handy remedies like charcoal and the homeopathic nux vomica for stomach upset from trying unfamiliar foods or the latest Stampede midway offering of deep fried weirdness, or a little too much alcohol.

Adding olive oil to your food can help your skin resist UV damage (along with a sun block).  Having aloe vera on hand for soothing sunburn can help if one just stayed out too long.  There are natural products to discourage bug bites and to help take the itch away if needed.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Lack of hydration can lead to the danger of skin burning more easily and sunstroke.  So keep your water bottle handy.  The Vitamins First team are here to support your fun and entertainment and answer any health questions you may have!  At Vitamins First, we wish for each of you your best summer ever.