Handling the Holidays
Handling the Holidays
by Ame

The last stretch of the year is upon us, bringing with it another hectic holiday season with many of us scrambling to keep up with it all.  Vitamins First has some suggestions to help you get through it all angst free.  First, indulge a little… in moderation.  A wholehearted allowing, a total enjoyment of whatever treat one is attracted to is healthier than indulging with the feeling that one really shouldn’t.  So we suggest savor the moment, really enjoy it and then move on!

healthy Christmas holidaysTo help deal with the inevitable flurry and fuss that permeates this time of year; consider using some carefully chosen supplements.  Adaptogenic herbs can strengthen one’s ability to handle stress.  Rhodiola, Reishi, Olive leaf or Holy Basil can help keep your nervous system strong and balanced.  Along with Vitamins B, C and D, your immune system can be kept sturdy, lessoning the chances of coming down with an inconvenient winter cold.

Proper rest is sometimes hard to get with all the holiday activities.  Never underestimate the power of the nap.  Not just for grumpy children and grouchy elders, the nap is a free feel good way to feel good!  A good nap can make it easier to keep your sense of humor while all about are losing theirs!

All of us here at Vitamins First would like to wish all our treasured clients and customers a most Happy and Healthy Christmas and all the best in the New Year!