Green Spiced Chai is an enriching blend of green tea, spicy cinnamon and exotic star anise.

Certified organic by the Soil Association.

Contains a small amount of caffeine – 2.72mg per tea bag (1.7% of total green tea). Moderate consumption is considered to be 300mg per day.


Green Spiced Chai TeaCinnamon bark: Spicy sweet cinnamon bark warms you up and gets you going.

Ginger root: Warm ginger is an essential ingredient in every chai. Great for digestion and giving you a little gingery boost.

Cardamom seed: These fragrant seeds awaken your mind and make the chai a real chai.

Licorice: Licorice is the sweetest root and a lot healthier than sugar.

Star anise fruit: This uniquely shaped spice is uniquely delicious, bringing spice and delight to this blend.

Green tea: Added for a healthy bit of stimulation.

100% organic ingredients. Free from artificial flavorings, preservatives, additives, sugar or sweeteners