Give yourself the gift of RELIEF this holiday season!

There’s just something about the holidays that makes us toss all of our good intentions out the window.  Overindulgence can send our insides into turmoil leading to upset stomach, gas, bloating and heartburn. The good news? Adding a few simple digestive supplements to the menu can help ease holiday indigestion without bringing the festivities to an end.

Many Canadians suffer digestive complaints on a regular basis. During the holidays these complaints (and the sale of drugs for indigestion) go through the roof. Renew Life offers a whole host of all natural digestive supplements containing enzymes, herbs and minerals. Regardless of your issue, we have a digestive SOLUTION for you.

Enzymes are natural substances found in raw, whole foods that assist with digestion and help our bodies absorb valuable nutrients from our meals.  Cooking our food destroys those natural enzymes, so our bodies lack the tools necessary to break down what we eat. Not only that, but heavily processed foods and those made with refined sugars and white flour (such as those holiday baked goods we all love) are also depleted of natural enzymes. As a result, the digestive process slows down and undigested food remains in the intestines longer, which can lead to everything from heartburn and indigestion to gas, bloating and other digestive issues. Taking a natural digestive enzyme supplement is the key to surviving the holidays with your digestive health intact.

Discover which Renew Life Digestive Solution is right for you

DigestMORE Ultra –for relief of CHRONIC digestive issues ( gas, bloating, indigestion, and/or fatigue after meals).

DigestMORE Regular-for relief of OCCASIONAL digestive issues after large meals or specific types of food.

DigestMORE HCl-for relief of heartburn, acid reflux and other digestive issues caused by low stomach acid.