hemp-heartsSpring is in the air.  With spring often comes a renewed commitment to healthy living.  Here are some quick tips for a healthier you this spring. You are what you eat.  Focus on simple, unprocessed foods that are rich in nutrients-like Hemp Hearts raw shelled hemp seeds.  Hemp hearts taste great, are easy to use, and sooo good for you. Get moving!  Walk, bike, jog, rollerblade, do yoga,try a new exercise, or join a sports rec league.  Instead of rewarding yourself with a sugary treat, try a replenishing smoothie loaded with protein and good fats.  Hemp protein is a complete plant based protein packed with omegas.  Included in hemp food’s omegas is the rare GLA, which helps with inflammation & muscle recovery.  Balance your stress levels.  Combat stress with foods rich in magnesium- Mother Nature’s muscle relaxant.  Studies show that the majority of people are not getting adequate amounts of magnesium.  Luv your tummy- referring to digestive health of course!  Your overall health is linked to digestive health.  A healthy diet includes 25-30 grams of fibre per day.  Make adding fibre easy by throwing in some Hemp Pro Fibre ® to baking recipes or your favorite smoothie.  One serving of Hemp Pro Fibre ® is equal to 52% of your RDI of fibre. Plus, you are also benefitting from protein and omegas- and whatever else you are putting into the smoothie.  Start your healthy spring today by dropping into a Vitamins First store to pick up some Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods products.  For recipe suggestions, visit manitobaharvest.com.