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innovite nutritional supplementsSince 1983, Innovite Health has been leading the change in health and wellness. Research-driven formulations powered by innovative, clinically proven ingredients has been the mission cornerstone.  As a leader in the natural health industry, Innovite Health works in collaboration with  global ingredient partners, manufacturers, academia and researchers to seek out newer and better options for healthy living.  Product excellence is ensured with stringent adherence to quality assurance and including global manufacturing standards  compliant with Health Canada (GMP) and FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).  Manufacturing facilities also include various ISO accreditations. For the discerning consumer, Innovite Health provides full label disclosure – listing  all ingredients including non-medicinals. Absence or limited use of essential excipients ensures clean formulations. Testing validates the quality, stability, potency and purity of products.


Innovite Health - Elite Neuro


Feel Calm. Be Decisive. React Quickly.


Society demands consistent, high-level performance – physically, emotionally and intellectually.   This can be a cause of stress and frustration, leading to feelings of anxiety and impact quality of life including  relationships and work performance.  Managing “cognitive hygiene“ – the ability to solve problems and make good decisions while managing negative and stressful thoughts –  is becoming more critical.  Physical activity, sleep, diet – and “forward-thinking” supplementation can help.


EliteNeuro™  is clinically proven to provide dual-action cognitive and mood support. Powered by Zembrin®, this patented South African plant extract impacts prefrontal cortex performance and boosts serotonin levels without the adverse withdrawal side effects associated with conventional therapies. Enhance decision-making, impulse control and strategy formation PLUS increase processing speed. Reduce feelings of anxiety and insecurity. Minimize stress and associated irritability. Great for those looking to become more elite thinkers: students, professionals and adults with cognitive executive-function impairments.


EliteNeuro™  is Clinically Proven

Developed by a team of physicians and neuroscientists, it is backed by scientific and clinical validation: human clinical and efficacy studies utilizing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) technology; in vivo and in vitro safety data; and 300 years of published historic indigenous and colonial plant use. 


A trial at the University of Western Ontario found that a 25mg daily dose enhances cognition and mood:


Positive “experiential” effect in 2 hours. Clinical evidence shows that mood enhancement can be felt in as little as two hours  versus up to three weeks with some well-known pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and severe premenstrual syndrome.


Cognitive set flexibility improved. This is the ability to shift attention between two or more tasks and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing directions and intelligently utilize the information. It is necessary for decision-making impulse control and strategy formation.


Executive function also was enhanced. This refers to exercising initiative, proper judgment, discipline and the ability to operate in favor of an abstract reward. The spontaneous ability to take action and goal directed behaviour was also positively impacted.


EliteNeuro™   is one of the newest additions to a best-in-class portfolio from Innovite Health.


Reverse natural muscle loss without exercise

A physician working in the burn unit of a children’s hospital experienced first-hand the slow recovery of these fragile patients.  The healing process took months and rehabilitation was even longer due to muscle loss from immobilization.  His research focused on developing the right combination of amino acids to stimulate muscle growth without exercise (and at a low dose) to help these immobilized children recover faster.  The research and clinical trials were successful and demonstrated a wider range of applications including interest from NASA (muscle maintenance in micro-gravity and space travel), muscle support during immobilization post surgical procedures and combating the natural muscle loss that occurs with age.

Lean muscle mass declines naturally after age 30 and up to 30% could be lost, resulting in the impediment of metabolism, mobility, balance and increase the risk of injury. Essential amino acids (EEAs) are required in a specific ratio and amount to help with energy production and muscle metabolism as well as building new muscle tissue and assisting with cell repair, which occurs when muscles are recovering. Aging reduces the body’s ability to rebuild muscles and the body does not replace amino acids naturally. Even exercise cannot slow muscle loss.

MuscleRescue™ is clinically proven to: reverse muscle loss without exercise; has 2X MORE muscle building action versus whey protein; and show 800% increase in strength during surgical recovery. MuscleRescue™ is powered by Reginator®, a patented, clinically proven optimized vegan blend of EAAs. Backed up with over 20 years of research, 24 human trials (published and in-process) and 500+ publications. MuscleRescue™ is perfect for those over the age of 30, especially vegans and the lactose intolerant, looking to maintain or easily build more muscle. Also excellent support for those with medical conditions who have limited mobility.

Innovite Health - UV Protect


Protect your skin from within


“73% of sunscreens don’t work

& contain worrisome ingredients”

Environmental Working Group’s 11th annual sunscreen guide rating the safety and efficacy of 1,400+ products


Sometimes the truth burns. Traditional sun care cannot provide complete UV protection.

Inconsistent application, in insufficient amounts. Dilution from perspiration, rubbing and swimming.

Feel sticky and greasy? No wonder sun care isn’t top of mind. And IF applied correctly, vitamin D synthesis is impacted.


UV Protect is clinically proven to: increase skin UV response by 30%; reduce wrinkle depth 15%; and increase skin elasticity by 9%. Powered by NutroxSun™, the patented Spanish Mediterranean citrus and rosemary extracts have extremely rich antioxidants profiles. This provides tripleaction photoprotection where traditional sun care products can’t and where it matters most: inside your skin. UV Protect strengthens cellular walls against oxidative damage and protects DNA within cells. PLUS it arms skin cells with potent anti-inflammatory properties. Protect skin PLUS make it look more youthful with the additional benefit of decreasing wrinkles and skin tightening.


Full body protection · Full 24 hr protection · Full year protection

Proven global demand · Easy and convenient · Cost-effective


Innovite Health helps to restore, repair and reclaim health.

Manage health conditions more effectively. Improve workouts. Look and feel more energized.

The right products. The proper balance. Essential nutrients for solid foundational health.


Innovite Health - Digestive Enzymes


Full-spectrum enzymes for complete digestion

Digestive Enzymes is a full-spectrum, synergistic enzyme blend that enhances and normalizes digestion. It helps to break down protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber and dairy molecules while helping in the absorption of nutrients. Provides optimal support in healthy digestion. Excellent

adjunct to your probiotic supplementation. Digestive enzymes are secreted along the gastrointestinal tract and break down foods, enabling the nutrients to be absorbed into the

bloodstream for use in various bodily functions. Enzymes are extremely sensitive to heat and are easily destroyed by cooking in temperatures above 47C (117F). Age and various digestive system problems can reduce the production of

digestive enzymes and impair the digestive system’s ability to adequately digest food. Innovite Health Digestive Enzymes supports healthy digestion and stomach comfort.