Enerex -  The Friendly Trio!

Probiotics are lactic-acid producing bacteria that live in your intestinal (GI) tract, on your skin, and on mucus membranes. Probiotics, meaning “for life”, are so important for our survival. The balance of these micro-organisms can affect virtually every aspect of the body – digestive and immune systems, body weight, skin problems, fatigue, and even autoimmune diseases.

Adding friendly bacteria to your diet has been well researched for their effects in alleviating many health issues.
enerex friendly trio probiotics

An excellent probiotic is The Friendly Trio® from Enerex which includes:

• 2 billion live cultures of L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, B. longum. Extensively used in hospitals in Japan, these three are potent in their effectiveness and said to be the optimum friendly bacteria for balanced intestinal flora.

• Human strains, shown to resist stomach acid and are more adapted to colonize in the human digestive tract plus support our immune system.

• Temperature stable micro-organisms that don’t need to be refrigerated to survive.

• FOS (fructo-oligosaccarides) from chicory root, is a very healthy fibre serving as “food” for bacteria, and promotes the growth of The Friendly Trio® bacteria in the colon to increase their quantity as much as 5-10 times.

• Recyclable BPA-free PETE plastic bottles, providing the best protection against oxidation, moisture, and sunlight, which helps retain the potency of the product.