Enerex-Greens-group-picENEREX GREENS

Green foods are loaded with a vast array of powerhouse nutrients. Including more of them into your diet will nourish your bodily systems so they function more efficiently, maintain a more alkaline pH for disease prevention, and are a rich source of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll’s many benefits include anti-inflammatory properties, aiding the  liver in detoxification, supplying antioxidants, and supporting digestive health.

Enerex Greens contain organically grown Kamut™, Alfalfa, Oat, and Barley grass grown on pristine farmland on an ancient volcanic lake bed at a 5000 ft elevation. The high altitude and the mineral rich topsoil contribute to very high chlorophyll, vitamin, mineral, and protein content. These power greens are harvested at the pre-jointing stage when their nutrient density is at its peak and gluten has not yet developed so are gluten free. They are rinsed, juiced and ambient temperature dried on site to maximize the qualities of the vitamins and enzymes. This raw product is superior in flavour and nutrients over dried and powdered greens.


  • The only green-food formula that contains Green Kamut™ juice powder, which is higher in nutrients, antioxidant activity, and is less allergenic than wheat grass.
  • No standardized herbal extract makes it suitable for kids, pre/postnatal mothers, and seniors.
  • Includes a temperature stable, dairy free probiotic to help maintain a healthy intestinal tract.
  • Packaged in BPA-free PETE containers to protect against oxidation and moisture degradation and maintain potency, unlike polyethylene that can cross-contaminate from the container.


Enjoy Enerex Greens in your daily health regimen to increase energy levels, maintain a healthy immunity and stronger bones, improve digestion, and to help eliminate the body of the barrage of toxins encountered daily.

Mix with water, juice, or your favourite smoothies for a delicious energizer!