Eminence Organic Skin Care:   Farm to Face Beauty

Before you use your skin care products, you want to know about the ingredients – where they come from and how the products are manufactured. Are the ingredients they say are natural or organic really beneficial for my skin and health? What if harmful chemicals are mixed in too? How were the ingredients processed? And today, you’re one of a growing number who is rightfully asking these questions.

The Eminence Organic Skin Care story is all about bringing its natural, organic skin care products to you, straight from the farm to your face.

Farm to face skin care involves a few criteria, including:

  1. Natural or organic origins
  2. Home grown ingredients
  3. Small batch processing
  4. Environmentally-friendly production

By reconnecting people with the farmland and integrating the product journey from the field to the consumer, Eminence Organic Skin Care makes sure it delivers the purest and freshest products possible that nourishes your skin.

  1. Organic Skin Care   

Eminence Organics provides the best natural, organic skin care with premium ingredients grown at organic farms in Hungary and sources worldwide. Each one of its organic products carries organic certification by Biokontroll in Hungary and by the USDA for its US-made products. Eminence’s passion for organic means that it opts out of all parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, propylene glycol, harmful colorants & fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum and other harsh & harmful cosmetic chemicals.

  • Home Grown Ingredients

Look closely at an Eminence Organics mask and you might find fresh pulp, seeds and even bits of peel. Depending on the harvest, products can occasionally vary from batch to batch, reflecting the raw, natural state of the ingredients. And because the products are hand crafted from just-picked raw plants, fruit, flowers and vegetables, it isn’t unusual to see a slight change in their color and consistency.

Knowing the importance of the provenance of our ingredients in Hungary, we make sure we guide the process from harvest to product. Home-grown ingredients sourced at the Certified Organic Farm and other organic farms are picked at peak ripeness for super-charged nutrient value and then blended into our skin care products. The results: highly concentrated products straight from nature.

3. Small Batch Skin Care

Another key quality of farm to face skin care is small batch production for optimal freshness. You will not find mass production at Eminence Organics because when all ingredients arrive at the laboratory they are carefully processed by hand. Eminence Organics avoids heat and hydrogenation, ensuring that the products preserve their maximum nutritional content. After reaching the standard of excellence through intentional processing, each jar is filled, sealed and packaged by hand.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Farm to face philosophy also means skin care products that are good for the planet as well as good for the skin. Eminence Organics chooses ingredients that are sustainably grown and harvested, minimizing environmental impact. Powered by solar and wind energy, our ingredient farms use eco-friendly methods of production, creating skin care products that reflect Eminence Organics’ commitment of being a Certified B Corporation.

Eminence is a name you can trust, knowing that when we say our ingredients are organic, we mean it. We create our products with you in mind, because we know that your skin and your health is worth it. After all, what you put on your body becomes what you put in your body.