Elderberry, Mother Nature’s gift!

Elderberries are deep purple berries growing in clusters. The elderberry bush as a whole is truly a gift from Mother Nature because every part of the bush can be used to make herbal remedies.

Although the leaves can be used in salves to help with arthritic pain, the berries and flowers are much more popular in the natural pharmacy.

For centuries elderberries have been used to help ward off colds and flu as well as help with their symptoms.

Recent scientific research has shown that elderberries have anti-viral properties. This makes them a great ally to keep our immune system strong throughout our Canadian winters especially since they can be used all winter long.


The elderflowers are also very beneficial in cases of colds and flu as they have expectorant and diaphoretic properties making them useful to help relieve fever and congestion.

SURO, the first Canadian company growing their own organic elderberries offers elderberry extracts, capsules and syrups.

The elderberry extract or capsules are a great ally to help in prevention of colds and flu and can be used daily. Their syrups, combining the benefits of elderberries and elderflowers, are a must at the onset of colds and flu.

Certified organic * Grown in Canada and Made in Canada * Physician formulated