Welcome Spring with TCM!

alex-TCMWelcome Spring with TCM!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tells us that weather change is hard on the body, and advises that we get extra rest and give ourselves time to adjust to the changing seasons. For Calgarians, that’s not so easy!

While Chinook winds give us a break from the relentless cold, they also cause rapid changes in atmospheric pressure that can cause horrible migraines. TCM identifies excessive Wind, Heat, Cold, Dryness, and Damp as conditions that can make our bodies unwell, and these exist in our weather, often in the same week!  Cold and Damp can aggravate pain and arthritis, and Heat and Dryness can inflame and deplete us. When weather changes are as extreme as ours, the constant need for internal adjustment compromises our immune systems, making it more likely to catch whatever is going around.

TCM is all about keeping the body’s systems in balance. Herbal formulas, acupuncture, Tui Na massage, cupping and other TCM medical practices are ideal for counteracting the imbalances created by Calgary’s weather. The Vitamins First Holistic Clinic (downstairs at the Marda Loop location) boasts 2 registered Doctors of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine who will be happy to book a free 20 minute consultation with you to assess your health needs. Please call Dr. Alex at (403) 993-5487 with your questions about how TCM can help you regain your strength and reduce pain. Springtime, though unpredictable, reminds us of rebirth and new life, and can inspire us to make changes that will help us enjoy life all year long!