Detox Kit

The Detox-Kit® stimulates the key organ systems involved in the drainage and detoxification process. Moreover, it helps relieve symptoms of illness caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to toxins. The Detox-Kit® stimulates the body’s natural processes of elimination to cleanse itself of toxins and restore balance to the body.

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Detoxification – Why?

Over the last 20 years, the number of people suffering from chronic diseases has increased considerably. Proper functioning of the body can be hindered by toxins which originate from a variety of sources:


Physical: weather, irradiation/light, noise, electro-magnetic fields, etc.
Chemical: pollution, compounds in our everyday life such as cleaning and body care products, insecticides, medical drugs, etc.
Biological: bacteria, fungi, viruses, food, allergens, molecules produced by our own body, etc.
Psychological: stress overload, psychosomatic diseases, etc.

The body’s excretion pathways may be able to counteract these negative influences for a time, but become overwhelmed by longterm exposure. When not properly eliminated, toxins build-up and negatively affect the body’s metabolism in a variety of ways such as weakening the immune system, nervous system, hormonal system, vital organs, cellular respiration, antioxidant system and mucosal surfaces. Many diseases are directly related to the body’s incapacity to rid itself of toxins.


Detoxification – How?

Limit further intake of toxic substances.

Establish a healthier lifestyle:

• Eat nutritious foods and follow a balanced diet
• Consume sufficient amounts of water (1.5-2 liters per day)
• Exercise
• Learn to better manage stress
• Get sufficient amounts of sleep
• Make a conscious effort to maintain a positive attitude and do more things that you enjoy
• Etc.

Reactivate the body’s own drainage and detoxification systems (lymphatic, gastrointestinal, hepatic, renal and biliary) with the Heel Detox-Kit®.

Drainage is the process by which toxins that have been deposited in the body are first mobilized and transported to the detoxification organs where they can then be neutralized and excreted.


Detoxification – Now!

Detox-Kit® combines three specific homeopathic medications for a complete and natural cleansing of the body (thus, targeting the major drainage and detoxification organs):

  • Lyphosot® (30 ml oral drops) Activates the lymphatic system in order to drain the connective tissues (extracellular matrix).
  • Nux vomica-Homaccord® (30 ml oral drops) Stimulates the gastrointestinal excretion pathway as well as liver detoxification.
  • Berberis-Homaccord® (30 ml oral drops) Supports the kidneys and the gallbladder’s detoxification and excretion processes.

detox kit featuresFAQs

How long will it take to detoxify?

For optimal results, it takes a minimum of 6 weeks to activate the body’s detoxification and regulation mechanisms which may have been hindered by the toxic load. In order to obtain a more thorough drainage and detoxification, it may be pertinent to continue taking Lyphosot® for an additional 4 to 12 weeks upon completion of two Detox-Kit®. It is commonly recommended to go through the detoxification process twice a year. In chronic disorders, a health care practitioner may adapt or prolong your detoxification program.

Can I take other medications while using the Detox-Kit®?

Yes. There are no known drug interactions. However, Lyphosot includes an iodine-containing ingredient. The advice of a health care practitioner may be sought in cases of thyroid disorders, as some individuals may be more sensitive to iodine than others. As well, note that this detoxification program is not appropriate for recovering alcoholics due to the alcohol base of the formulas.

What physical signs of detoxification can I expect?

While individual responses will vary according to each person’s health status, toxic load and sensitivity, the Detox-Kit® offers an effective support to the excretory organs, with a reduced risk of excessive undesirable physical reactions. Common symptoms of detoxification include:
increased frequency of urination, change in bowel activity, nausea, bloating and flatulence, mild skin symptoms, fatigue, lightheadedness, headaches, etc. These symptoms are usually an indication that toxins are in the process of being eliminated. However, should the symptoms become too extreme, use each of the preparations of the Detox-Kit® in a sequential manner as opposed to together: start with Nux vomica-Homaccord®, then once this bottle is finished, move on to Berberis-Homaccord® and once this second bottle is done, finally move on to Lyphosot®. Pause for 1 week and resume the usual dosage with the second Detox-Kit®. It is important to discuss these symptoms with your health care practitioner as he/she may provide you with further recommendations.

Resurfacing symptoms may appear as part of the detoxification process. For example, if you have experienced pain or inflammation at some time in the past, detoxification may trigger this response again temporarily. Such a vital response indicates that the detoxification process is well underway and each of these symptoms, in turn, needs to be addressed individually, rather than suppressed.

Do I need to follow a special diet while on the Detox-Kit®?

No special diet is required in order to obtain effective results with the Detox-Kit®. However, your health care practitioner may provide you with general dietary guidelines while you are on this detoxification program.