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purica adrenal supportBy reducing cortisol production and optimizing the immune system Purica Adrenal Support helps the body to better handle stress.

When we are stressed, the hypothalamus sends a signal to the pituitary to “message” the adrenal glands, which instantly release stress hormones; most importantly, adrenaline and cortisol. The purpose of these stress hormones is to help us in times of true emergency the “fight or flight response”, but their constant secretion can exert a profoundly negative effect on the body.

Over time, the adrenals themselves become stressed, leading to a range of symptoms collectively known as adrenal exhaustion.  Symptoms like; insomnia, fatigue, fluctuations in energy, cravings for sweet/salty foods, weight gain and a weak immune response.

Adaptogens have the power to balance the various systems within the body and to reduce the impact of stress. These substances can be especially helpful in revitalizing the adrenal glands.


Chaga:  a nutrient-rich powerhouse medicinal mushroom of over 200 potent phytonutrients, is very helpful for balancing the stress response. Antioxidants in Chaga provide further support for the immune system and have been shown in numerous studies to prevent cellular mutations that can contribute to disease.


Cordyceps: This mushroom is known for its ability to improve energy, decrease stress and improve physical performance. It further enhances the immune response and possesses antioxidant properties.


Ashwagandha:  it has been used for many centuries to reduce stress and its impact on the body. A 2008 study showed that participants taking 500 mg a day of Sensoril® optimized Ashwagandha had cortisol levels nearly 30 per cent lower than subjects who took a placebo, as well as significantly higher DHEA levels.

Purica Adrenal Support formula contains a combination of the above natural ingredients recognized for their ability to calm and restore balance within overworked adrenal glands.