Colon ClenZyme 90 Vegetarian Capsules for Colon Detoxification

Colon Detoxification Products: A healthy colon is essential for good overall health.

  • Specially formulated to break down food and release nutrients resulting in optimal nutrient assimilation
  • Improves colon health and function
  • Naturally helps cleanse the colon and maintain optimal intestinal regularity and health
  • Improves digestion and the absorption of nutrients
  • Supports a healthy balance of gut bacteria
  • Normalizes the inflammatory response and reduces stress on the immune system
  • Detoxifying and cleansing the intestinal tract
  • Preventing the overgrowth of opportunistic yeast organisms such as Candida albicans
  • Improving food digestion and enhancing the absorption and assimilation of nutrients
  • Lessening the symptoms of indigestion, including gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort
  • Reducing the symptoms of food sensitivities
  • Maintaining intestinal regularity

A new approach to colon health

By Kate Rhéaume-Bleue, ND

A healthy colon is essential for good overall health. Colon cleansing and detoxification promote healthy colon function by preventing accumulation of toxins and optimizing digestion. Undigested waste products that are not efficiently eliminated can be harmful to the intestinal tract. Impaired digestion puts an added burden on the other organs and tissues of the body, including the liver, kidneys and the immune system. As toxins and wastes increase, we may experience digestive complaints, constipation and irregular bowel movements, weight gain, and development of inflammation and disease. When we think of colon health, several standard suggestions come to mind: regular physical exercise, a high-fibre diet and adequate water intake. However, toxicity of the bowel and declining health brought on by impaired digestion can also be prevented by supplementation with digestive enzymes that aid in naturally detoxifying and cleansing the colon.

Having an optimal balance of essential digestive enzymes in the diet offers many health benefits. Colon ClenZymeâ, contains a balanced blend of enzymes needed for digestion and nutrient absorption. It naturally replaces the enzymes that the body is unable to make or that are missing from food due to cooking and processing. In addition, Colon ClenZyme aids in toxin and waste removal with its detoxifying and cleansing action. This unique blend of amylase, proteases, lipase, cellulose, hemicellulase, chitosanase and Peptizyme SP supports detoxification, helps cleanse the colon and prevents the growth of fungal infections to optimize digestion and relieve digestive discomfort.

Supplementation with enzymes is well-known to improve nutrient absorption and assimilation, leading to improved general health. Colon Clen-Zyme provides a new approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy colon.

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