Cleansing support - Botanica’s Restorative detoxification cleanse

The human body is a self-cleansing organism.  Waste products from each cell are constantly removed from the body in order to allow cells, tissues and organs to work properly and ensure the harmonious function of the body as a whole.  Carbon dioxide is released with every breath, urination carries away water soluble compounds that are no longer required by the body, and bowel movements allow the removal of unusable components of our diets along with toxins that have been discharged by the liver in bile.  Moving the waste products from the cells to the organs of detoxification is the responsibility of the lymphatic system – the “other” fluid in the body that is not blood – and lymph plays a key role in immune health as well.  Skin is also capable of elimination through sweat pores, although it serves more of a supportive role to the major organs of system cleansing: liver, bowels, kidneys, lymph and lungs.  The health of the skin is a good reflection of how well the internal systems of elimination are working.

Botanica Restorative Cleanse KitWhile cleansing is a constant process throughout our lives, the organs responsible for maintaining the removal of waste benefit from additional support periodically.  Botanica’s Restorative Cleansing kit is a combination of four compounded herbal tinctures designed to strengthen and support the systems of elimination so that they function more effectively.  Unique to Botanica is the lack of aggressive herbs such as strong laxatives that may be depleting for some individuals (GentleLax supports bowel function without forcing it).  Instead Botanica’s Restorative Cleansing kit is a selection of herbal formulations designed to enhance optimal function of organs of detoxification and elimination, and to work with the wisdom of the body for long term health.  Created as a two week program the use of these tinctures predominantly addresses the health of the intestines, lymph, liver, with additional support for the kidneys and skin.