Chlorella: chlorophyll supplement, vitamins, trace minerals

Long considered a super-food, Chlorella is a rich source of a chlorophyll supplement, vitamins, trace minerals, nucleic acids, and complete protein. It is also has a long history as a potent detoxifying agent, most notably as a heavy metal chelator.

Chlorella’s role in the ecosystem is unique: in effect, it acts much as the kidneys or liver in humans. Which is to say, chlorella detoxifies chemicals, poisons, and naturally occurring waste products. And, like liver, while it is nutrient dense food, it can also contain undesirable contaminants. To this end, it is imperative that chlorella be as free of toxic load as possible to be truly effective. Otherwise, it can be considered a two steps forward, one step back approach to detoxification.

Prime Chlorella is the purist, cleanest, most nutrient-dense chlorella available. So much so, in fact, that it is specifically recommended by Paul Pitchford in his book “Healing With Whole Foods”, as the chlorella to use as part of a comprehensive detoxification program.

Since chlorella acts as nature’s sponge, every possible precaution is taken to ensure that Prime remains completely free of contaminants, natural or otherwise. To begin, Prime Chlorella is grown in large open-air tanks, in natural sunshine. Next, Prime’s chlorella is fed via an underground filtered and tested stream. Third, because chlorella binds readily with metals, no metallic equipment is used in its processing.

In sum, not all chlorellas are created equal. Those wanting a therapeutic-grade product would do well to consider a product designed, from start to finish, with that in mind.