Botanica Greens

Botanica Greens Organic BerryWhen it comes to a balanced diet there are a few idioms that cover the basic needs for optimal health.  The first is from Michael Pollan’s book “In Defense of Food” that summarizes his research into nutrition in seven words:  “Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”

Another widely accepted guideline for nutrition is to “eat the rainbow every day” and that recommendation is echoed in Health Canada’s guidelines.  Depending on age and gender, the general guidelines for all Canadians is to consume 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, with a minimum of one serving each day coming from green vegetables.

And yet research shows that on average Canadians consume only 5 servings of vegetables or fruit on a daily basis, and that 25% of Canadians are not eating a single serving of greens on a daily basis! Clearly there is a gap between the collective understanding of nutrition, and the execution of good dietary habits.

Botanica Greens ChocolateGreens supply vital minerals including magnesium and zinc that are involved in hundreds of systems in the body including immune function, fertility, stress management, and digestion.  Dark green, leafy plants are naturally rich in folate and other members of the B-vitamin family that are used in energy production, as well as chlorophyll and antioxidants to support detoxification and cellular health.

Botanica Greens formulas are a delicious and convenient way to supplement the daily diet with the necessary nutrients found in green vegetables from land and sea.   Botanica Greens are made from Canadian sourced green foods, with two options that are certified organic, and two options that contain greens but are not green in colour (for children and picky eaters).